As I go through Learning: How To Learn, I have realised few things about procrastination and how I am affected by it.

The cue or trigger

My main trigger is time. If it is 9.40am and I need to do something, I will tell myself that I can start at 10 and hence end up procrastinating. 10 becomes 11, 11 becomes after lunch and so on. So to avoid that here are the changes I am doing.

  1. Removed date and time from computer menu bar. On mac, just click on the time in menubar and then in preferences you can disable it.
  2. Removed all at a glance information in android. This is the information about upcoming stuff - flights, meetings, event, reminders. I will get notifications about those when closer to time. But I don’t need to know about upcoming flights 72 hours in advance.
  3. Waking up everyday, including weekends, at 6am.
  4. Working on my most important task of the day from 630am to 7am.