As per my about page I am pursuing few goals from March 2019 to March 2020. Here is update for the first month 1.

For the first time I completed a coursera course with all assignments with in given time. 2

Able speak a new language, Italian.

Making good progress on this. Using duolingo is quite effective and I have not broken my streak. I will like to find couple of people who are doing the course and have conversations with them. Hopefully in next month or two.

Travel to Israel, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Working out finances and dates for these. Hoping to go to Israel in Sept/Oct. Vietnam and Cambodia in late Feb to early March.

Acquire a new creative hobby.

Sadly no progress yet. As a first step, I did a course on how to learn new things, which will aide in pursuing a hobby.

Running my 5km/day.

Some progress on this. Have been speed walking and running 18/30 days in April. One week was complete wash out. Good thing is I did not give up but got back to it after that week.

Travel to 10 states in India that I have not been to before.

No progress yet. Once summer is over, I will make progress on this.

Make friends with people from countries I have never been to before.

No progress yet. Not sure how to do this with out social media. Any ideas are welcome! 3

Acquire new technical skills - mobile app development, front end development.

Have done some work in kotlin and react native, but not enough. Need to spend more time on this. Did setup travis-ci for this blog and some other projects. Also started doing some serious terraform development work for a side project which is nice.

  1. I started these goals around 28 of March so April counts as first month. 

  2. In the past I have completed a course, as in watched all the videos. But not with in given time. And have never done all the required assignments. 

  3. Except of course going back on social media!