Influencing People

Developing Relationships

Expand your network
  • Find and meet people outside of your regular circle of contacts.
  • One lunch per week with a colleague you don’t know.
  • Join professional association or a sports club.
  • Volunteer for non profit.

Most relationships are mutually dependent on each other, where each person depends on the other person a lot and to same degree.

Organizational/Social currencies
  • Resources - budget, personnel, space, information
  • Cooperation - faster response, approval, help.

You don’t build a network, you earn it by delivering value to your contacts.

Relationship currencies
  • Acceptance/inclusion - providing closeness and friendship.
  • Personal support.
  • Understanding.
Positional currencies
  • Advancement and visibility.
  • Reputation. - endorsements.
  • Social capital - introductions.
  • Learning and growth.
  • Self concept. - compliments, gratitude.
Bring energy into relationships
  • Show concern for others.
  • Connect with people beyond job roles.
  • Always focus on possibilities and not just limitations.
  • Maintain high level of cognitive and physical engagement.