Modern World - History of Last 250 years

Revolutionary Wars

  • Slaves are revolting Saint domingue(Haiti) and Buenos Aires.
  • British losses in Americas start to mount, which makes them look eastward.
  • French, Napolean, wants to establish French colonies in North America.
  • New orleans was the key port for United States.
  • Napolean loses Saint domingue.
  • Instead of continuing his North America expedition, he focuses on conquering Europe.
  • Louisiana purchase
    • Shifts american settlement westward.
    • Population start increasing.
    • Creates robust economy.
    • Ends Spanish rule in north america.
Napoleanic wars
  • Napolean dissolves the french republic and announces himself as emperor.
  • Starts expanding French empire across European mainland, up to Tuscany and Russia.
  • A holy alliance, led by Russian Tsars, defeats Napolean at Waterloo ending the Napoleanic wars.
  • The holy alliance restores Europe to Christian values.
  • The holy alliance was against republics, liberalism, revolutions.
  • There is tension, some riots, between traditional values established by holy alliance and liberal republicans in Europe.
End of Spanish America
  • Ethinic grouping of spanish american
    • very small, < 1%, Spanish immigrants. - Pennisulares
    • Small, 20%, descendents of white settlers with pure European bloodlines. - Creoles
    • 40% - mixed descendents of European settlers and native Indian or slave Blacks. - Mullates
    • Rest Black Slaves or native Indians.
  • Napolean deposes Spanish king, installing his brother as King of Spain.
  • Spanish colonies start revolting, as nominal royal power is left.
  • Defeat of Napolean, restores Spanish Kingdom, revolutions in colonies are defeated as well.
  • Spanish kingdom adopts more liberal outlook, is invaded by French and the holy alliance.
  • Second round of revolutions begin in latin america.
  • Mexico - lead by conservative elites. Rest led by creole elite.
  • America and Britain advise rest of the Europe to not meddle in these revolutions.
  • Spanish rules is overthrown in most of america, giving rise to authoritarin dictatorships.
  • Mexico has series of wars, finally losing to America and losing its land in new mexico, california, texas.
  • Main powrs Maratha, East India company , Mysore.
  • East India company is focused on plunder, leaving Bengal poor and financially weak.
  • England takes over administration of Bengal, reforming justice and order.
  • This helps rich Bengalis to keep their financial dominance.
  • Bengal becomes massive financial powerhouse which can finance war for rest of India.
  • Marathas, powerful millitary, but financially weak, with lot of infighting.
  • Finally British defeat Mysore and Marathans bringing most of India directly under their rule.
World of 1830
  • Move back to traditional values.
  • Peace and need of peace.
  • National identities.
  • Christian churches gaining importance once again in Europe.