Namaste! And Hello!

I am Sushrut Bidwai, a entrepreneurial software engineering leader.

Zero To One
  • Afterpay - FinTech/BNPL, $40 Billion exit
  • ComplyAdvantage - FinTech/Compliance, Unicorn
  • BriteBill - Enterprise/SaaS, $150 Million exit
  • YagnaIQ - Enterprise/SaaS
  • M2Wealth - Enterprise/SaaS
Entrepreneurial Journey
Highlights Reel
  • Born in 1982.
  • Graduated in Software Engineering in 2004.
  • Worked in medium sized company as entry level programmer and then in a startup till late 2006.
  • Started a business late 2006 and was working on it till early 2014.
  • Moved to Australia in 2014
    • Worked with Afterpay where I built fraud and credit decisioning systems.
    • Watched Kohli and Rahane hit Mitchell Johnson all over the MCG.
  • Lived in UK and Germany from 2019 to 2021.
  • Sabbatical in Goa, India from May 2021 to June 2022.

Please do contact me if
  • You would like to connect professionally and see if we can work together in future.
  • If you are looking for a travel buddy.
  • If you are a software engineering student in Nashik who would like learning advice.




First business I built was StartupForStartups, which worked with handful of startups from across the world. Grew to 12 startups, 60+ team members. Exited.


Prolinkd was a sales automation tool which provided autmation of upsell and cross sell paths for large B2B enterprises. It used social data to capture business lifecycle signals and used those signals to advise sales teams. The product was used by some of the biggest names in IT, advertising, software services, telecom companies. Eventually product was shut down due to changing market conditions in utilizing third party data.


Wisebuy was product search and price comparison engine. It captured product and pricing information from hundreds of sites in India, built a catalog of more than 90 million listings. At its peak wisebuy had 400K unique monthly visitors, with 2 million search queries a day. Product was shutdown as I was not keen to fight the SEO/SEM war. Underlying technology was licensed to handful of customers and lives on.